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Enfly Tractors

Enfly tractors are amongst the best and most reliable tractors available from China today. They are manufactured by Yantai Dongqi Agricultural Equipment Co Ltd who make over 20,000 tractors per year that are sold worldwide. Considering the cost, performance, and reliability, the Enfly tractors represent best value for money.

TYM Tractors

TYM Tractors are manufactured in Korea where the utmost care is taken to build quality and reliability into the TYM tractors because TYM stands for QUALITYMATTERS. The range of TYM tractors starts from 25hp and goes up to 100hp so you can be sure there is a model that will work for you.

AG King is a distributor of tractors in Australia and is pleased to introduce the LZ 304 (4 wheel drive) tractor into the range of tractors sold by AG King. The LZ304hp tractor is the perfect choice for small to medium property owners who want reliable machinery.

Tractor Implements

Implements, attachments, and accessories are tools that help to get jobs done faster and to save money while helping to develop or improve your farm or property. AG King implements will fit all sizes of tractors and compared to other products are best value for money.

Ask us about our Factory Direct Prices – Pre Order and Save $$

Enfly tractors models DQ404 (40hp tractor) and DQ554 - (55hp tractor) and DQ804 (80hp tractor) enjoy a reputation for being the “Best value in tractors” and are sold with front end loaders that are tried proved and tested. Enfly tractors are distributed exclusively by AG King so if you want the best value Tractor and Implements for your property then contact us today on 07 5465 6583.

Buying a tractor can be confusing if you don’t understand the various features, weights, sizes and tractor power options and because technology changes so fast what was relevant years ago may not be relevant today. At AG King we help to match your needs to the tractor and implements needed for the job but there are many options and considerations, so help us to help you by telling us about your property and why you want a tractor.

Tractor power is measured in horsepower, like any engine powered vehicle. Generally, you can get a utility tractor with engine horsepower rated from 18 up to 90. It’s good to know the horsepower capabilities of a tractor, but it doesn’t really tell you what a tractor can do. Higher horsepower doesn’t necessarily mean more useable power.

The second horsepower number that you’ll see for a tractor is PTO horsepower because it indicates the actual “useable” power that the tractor has to operate implements. PTO stands for Power Take Off. The PTO drives many implements, and the PTO horsepower is a good gauge of the tractor’s true capabilities. The PTO connects the tractor’s engine to the implement through a rotating shaft at the rear of the tractor. If you compare utility tractors by PTO horsepower, be careful. Some manufacturers rate the tractor at maximum PTO speed instead of the standard 540 rpm. This can be confusing, but don’t worry. JKL can help you decide what tractor best fits your horsepower needs

A garden tractor is less expensive, that’s true. And if you’re primary need for a tractor is mowing grass and light dirtwork, it may meet your needs. But if you intend to cut brush, do tilling or loader work, you should consider a utility tractor.