Over the past few years I have read a number of people’s accounts on their experiences with their Chinese manufactured tractors. I have just clocked over 400 hours of use on my Enfly DQ554 55HP tractor and thought someone may be interested to hear my thoughts after an extended period of various applications (eg. Heavy slashing, 4 in 1 bucket work, and post hole digging. A few years ago we purchased a rundown ex dairy farm to provide our lifestyle change. At this time we were acutely aware that we needed a small powerful and maneuverable tractor to clean up acres of heavy matted kikuyu grass and also to pull down old fencing and yards. As our undertaking is a lifestyle only we could not justify the cost of an agricultural level tractor and didn’t want the hassles and limitations of an older tractor with hours on the clock and minimal functions. This tractor has been subjected to heavy work loads and is impressive in it’s capabilities and reliability, never failing to start at the first key turn. The original battery is still going strong. Being a typical old dairy farm our place had old fencing with heavy matted kikuyu growing through it. The versatility of a 4 in 1 bucket was brilliant in removing this. I must admit that when pulling up old fence lines and yards the bucket was subjected to strains for which it was probably not designed. However in both instance we achieved a lot with this tractor. The bucket is understandably a little bent (large strainer posts) and a new clutch disc was fitted in the slasher with relative ease. I have been putting in a gravel road to new cattle yards and the bucket once again is proving great both for extracting the gravel out of the pit and transferring it to the site. Servicing is fairly straight forward when you know what is required, however I feel that a good basic manual in an easily understood format would make matters much easier. That having been said my experience with AgKing (the dealer) has been good and they are very helpful with any queries. My tractor is now out of warranty and I have been given the impression that product back up will not be a problem. This was something I was a little apprehensive about when deciding to purchase a Chinese tractor. Initial concerns were that gauges, lights and hydraulic hoses might cause some problems on a bargain priced machine. I have had to replace one hydraulic hose after knocking it on a post. Apart from that accident I have had no hydraulic leaks, however some hoses are starting to crack externally (time will tell). Every single light and gauge is still working well years down the track. Recently I have noticed minor oil seepage starting to become evident around axle and transmission joins however this might mean I need to tension up some nut and bolts. I will talk to AgKing in this regard. I obtained a slasher, post hole digger and poly pipe ripper along with the tractor and these implements appear to be solidly made and have given me hassle free service ( the slasher has had a hard life with the heavy grass). In a nutshell I am extremely pleased with my purchase and believe ENFLY tractors offer great value for money. Shuttle shift, diff lock, high/low range 4WD and power steering make this tractor extremely usable. Service components are affordable and I don’t feel parts will be difficult to obtain further down the track. My experience with AgKing has been positive. It is my feeling that they will be around and providing reputable customer service and back up for a long time.

Alan Mackay

We purchased our AgKing AK704 70 HP tractor just over six months ago to be the main workhorse for our hay production farm. We have used it for cultivation, planting, spraying, hay making, slashing and also for the construction of contour banks. The tractor has not missed a beat. It is a very easy machine to service and maintain and Kelly has been very responsive and helpful with post sales service. We are very happy with our purchase and have no problems recommending this tractor to anyone looking for a solid farm workhorse. Keith Pembleton

Keith Pembleton

In reference to the Enfly DQ404E tractor I bought off you Jan 2012. Have just clocked 800 Hrs and very happy with its performance. They worked the tractor reasonably hard clearing, fencing, roads and everything on the land. As any machine, maintenance is very important. I find fuel usage is very good with the tractor. Over all the Enfly is a good tractor. Thank you.

Adrian Donovan

I first purchased an ENFLY tractor in March 2012 the initial reason I looked at the Enfly was mainly price. Another reason was I could buy an Enfly for less than some secondhand tractors and they had a warranty!!Well since purchasing a DQ404 I have found it to be one of the smartest moves I have ever made!! I have not had any trouble with the way it ran, and, no matter at what task I was using it I did not have a moments problem.The only time I have had any problems is when a bush rat got in the console and chewed some of the wires, hardly the tractors fault. Even this did not stop it!! I have never regretted buying this machine and have no qualms about recommending these tractors.

Mark Hills

Hi Kelly, Tractor that I bought. As you know; it is the 55HP 4WD model, with a FEL and hitch on Backhoe. The one that I bought was as per your suggestions and full Australian specifications not the standard Chinese model. We also asked for larger tyres, and ROPS, as opposed to a full cab. The tyres supplied are also very good. We will soon have 35-37 of these tractors working on the mine sites, with some being the 80HP model, to take advantage of the extra mass of that model. My experience with earthmoving equipment and tractors extends to farming as well as extensive mining operations. With regard to tractors I only used to own Ford and John Deer tractors, they are both good tractors. Our mining operations are a few kilometres south of the equator in the South Pacific. The terrain is very mountainous with dense rainforest, and a lot of very heavy clay. The tractor works on haulage (dirt for the washplants), usually 10-15 tonne loads, as well as extracting logs from the forest for the bridges which we are currently building. Extracting and hauling logs is very hard work, and the tractor is continually working at its maximum ability or so one might think. The logs which we extract or up to 30 metres long with the girth up to 1200mm. We haul them from the forest and then push them into place across the rivers, using the FEL to line them up over the rivers. Even with all the heavy hauling we find that we never lack the correct gears, nor have we had any issues with the Enfly. The tractor is very economical on diesel, despite it only being naturally aspirated. It starts first time, every time. The FEL is used all day for a multitude of things, including lifting, rolling logs and clearing forest roads that are overgrown with a strong vine which colonizes any open space here. The FEL is priceless! These tractors are good, reliable and great value. We will certainly continue to use them into the future.

Clinton Cain, Solomon Islands Gold & Spear Mining Pty. Ltd.

To Whom It May Concern.I purchased my Enfly DQ554 tractor almost two years ago over which time it has accumulated 213 hours of use.To put these comments in perspective I am 62 years old and I work the tractor on my 100 acre significantly undulating cattle farm, plus assisted neighbouring farmers a number of times now. Based on using my Enfly DQ554 for over 200 hrs now, I can say that I love this tractor and thoroughly enjoy every opportunity to use it. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • The extreme value for money price
  • The wonderful ease to get on and of the tractor (so nice at age 60 plus)
  • The engines outstanding torque and power starting at just 1000 rpm
  • The majority of my work is done in the 1000 – 1500 RPM range making it very fuel efficient
  • The large size tyres which gives the tractor superb traction and stability
  • The outstanding simplicity/ease to operate – ergonomically wonderful
  • The forward/reverse shuttle shift, the rear differential lock, the ability to select two or four wheel drive, the foot throttle in conjunction with the hand throttle, the easy engine starting under all temperature conditions
  • The large load capacity 4 in 1 front end loader
  • The very powerful rear hydraulics, and
  • The exceedingly heavy, robust steel front and rear axle construction, not to mention the thick rigid steel mudguards (not plastic like many other manufacturers use).
I have continued to watch the less than 60 hp tractor market since acquiring my 55 hp Enfly, and I can say nothing comes close to the Enfly in terms of price to obtain a tractor of its capability. For the price it has exceeded my expectations in all areas; it’s simply fantastic. I unreservedly recommend the ENFLY DQ554 and in talking to the Australian seller at Hattonvale QLD the newer releases are even more improved!

Keith Contessa

After a reasonable bit of research and shopping around for a Chinese Tractor (you could not go past the bang for your buck) we chose the Enfly over other makes, simply because it looked much stronger in its build and its simple construction. The purchase took place in March 2013 through the then importer and dealer Blek Pty Ltd. The managing director Stephen was most honest and helpful and was able to reassure me of good parts back up for the units. The warranty on offer also was attractive along with a great price. Along with the tractor the package included a slasher, Post Hole Digger, Forks, Rotary Hoe and a Carry-all. Later I purchased a ripper/pipe layer and heavy duty grader blade. I grew up on a dairy farm and had plenty of time on a 35 Ferg as a young feller, now I have just under 7 acres in the Hunter and had plenty of work for the DQ554 to sort out my small plot. With just over 320 hr’s on the clock it’s done everything from unloading pallets and machinery for our building works to laying 100’s of metres of water pipe, post hole digging, road building, moving and levelling 100’s of tonnes of soil, mulch, and manure, slashing and ploughing. I’ve serviced it as per the scheduled services and so far it has not missed a beat. Any repairs required have only been relatively minor to date; a spot weld on the hydraulic control mount, and a couple of oil leaks which required O’rings replaced on the 3 point linkage control and front end loader control. The little diesel engine is clean and doesn’t use oil, and it has a well matched transmission to handle all the work I’ve thrown at it. There is nothing complicated or high tech on this machine, no electronics, just old fashion basic design like the old Ferg, however a whole lot more versatile. I hope my DQ544 continues to give me a good run and can’t see why it won’t for many years to come. I was very happy that Kelly from AgKing made it his business to notify me that they had taken over the importing of these tractors and would cover my warranty and parts needs. It was very reassuring, and since then I’ve found AgKing helpful and good to deal with, parts have been quick to arrive after ordering, with no hassles and friendly advise always provided.

Alan Reid

Every one is very quick to write in when things are bad but rarely when something is good. About three years ago we were looking to buy a tractor for our family farm. After my grandfather had a second stroke he could no longer drive our chamberlain 4080, he had trouble putting clutch down and generally found it hard to operate like he used too( a very sad day they spent many hours together ) We purchased the DQ804 from Blek tractors and have not looked back. A great tractor all round and it gave my grandfather his independence back. We currently are dealing with a company AgKing ( sadly blek tractors no longer trades) who have been absolutely amazing, friendly and professional staff. If you are in the market for a tractor that is backed up with amazing after sale service I can highly recommend this one.

Amy Formby

I purchased a DQ404 Enfly Tractor (40 hp Diesel engine) with 4 wheel drive, shuttle shift, diff lock, power steer, remote hydraulics, 2 speed pto, front end loader with 4 in 1 bucket. I also purchased 1500 slasher, post hole digger, rotary hoe 1500mm and a ripper/pipe layer. This tractor has been a awesome benefit to our 10 acre property, it has handled the ripper with ease and has had no problem handling the rotary hoe. turning over the soil with ease. the simplicity of the machine makes it a breeze changing over implements. the 4 in 1 bucket has been just as good for moving all types of soil and garden materials. I have moved pallets of pavers weighing around 500kg with no trouble at all. AgKing and Kelly have been very helpful from the first contact to on going support after I have taken position of the tractor. I am very happy with this tractor and I would have no trouble recommending this tractor to anybody.

Stephan Weatherhog

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