Warranty Information


There are two options for the type of warranty cover you prefer depending on your location and availability of competent service person.

AK304 and AK404 – 12 months parts only warranty.

Enfly and AgKing Tractors ( DQ404, DQ554, DQ554G, DQ804, AK604, AK704 )

– Option 1: 2 years warranty (1 year parts and onsite labour and second year parts supplied)
– Option 2: 3 year warranty (parts supplied only)


Implements and attachments such as loaders, backhoes and slashers carry a 12 month warranty.


The warranty applies from the original date of sale.

All repairs covered under the warranty must be carried out by an authorized repairer and within the time and costs agreed for the repair. Therefore, all repairs must be estimated and approved by AgKing Pty Ltd before work is started.

The warranty does not cover any labour costs involved in any repairs unless agreed by AgKing Pty Ltd or one of its representatives. All defective parts that are replaced must be made available for inspection if required.

The warranty does not cover travel time to and from the place of repair or the cost of transporting the tractor or implements to the nearest service centre if required. In most cases a qualified mechanic will be located within 1 hour distance of most locations. For more remote locations the travel time may be greater in which case Option 2 may be the best choice.

Limited Warranty

Batteries and Tyres are covered under the warranty for a period of 6 months.

AgKing shall have the full and final authority in deciding on any warranty claims and final settlement in any disputes under the warranty.

The warranty applies to the first retail purchase and it’s not transferable.

General Provisions

Items Excluded from Warranty

The Dealer, Distributor or Manufacturer will NOT be liable to indemnify the machine owner for any direct loss or damage suffered as a result of any delays in repairs or replacement. Under no circumstances will the customer (and user) be entitled to damages or costs for any consequential loss or damage.

The following items are excluded from the terms of the warranty.

· Damages or malfunction due to the negligence of daily checks or failure to follow the maintenance illustrated in the Operators Instruction Book.

· Normal wear and tear of the parts and/or of the machine due to normal deterioration

· Normal maintenance and servicing, “tune ups”, and adjustments

· Damages or breakdowns due to misuse, negligence or accidents caused by the operator

· Damages of any kind of nature, direct or indirect, to persons or properties, or as the loss of farm produces or crops

· Charges relevant to the rental of substitute machinery due to delays in the application of the warranty

· Damages caused by repairs carried out by unauthorised workshops

· Torque, twisting, leverage or load damage caused by forklift, backhoe or front loader operations

· Travelling or transportation costs

· Charges for the assembly and disassembly of accessories not supplied by AgKing

The warranty excludes all consumable materials and fixed body panels. These include:

– Drive Belts, brake linings, clutch linings and other friction linings

– Glass, mirrors, oils, lubricants, and tyres, paint and body work.

The warranty excludes in all cases, the cost of labour for routine maintenance or repair work not covered in the repair procedure.


To help preserve your ability to claim for warranty you, as the owner, has a responsibility to attend to such items as following:-

  1. Ensure all services are completed during the warranty period
  2. Check all oil levels and filters at prescribed intervals
  3. Change engine oil and filter at the recommended periods for the operating conditions
  4. Change transmission and hydraulic oil and filter at the recommended period for the operating conditions
  5. Use the correct specified grade and type of oil
  6. Regularly check and tension all external nuts and bolts, especially wheel nuts and wheel weight bolts
  7. Check regularly clutch pedal free play
  8. Lubricate all grease points at specified periods
  9. Service air cleaner regularly, when required change air filter element
  10. Regularly check air cleaner hoses, pipes and clips for correct fitting, sealing and tightness to ensure no possibility of dust ingestion
  11. Correct adjustment of fan belt
  12. Operate the machine safely and correctly at all times
  13. Ensure that all safety devices are properly maintained, and kept in good working order


This tractor has a rollover protective structure and safety guards fitted to comply with rural safety regulations (where applicable). Under no circumstances should any rollover protective structure or safety guards be altered, modified or removed. Such action on your part is an offense and makes you liable for prosecution under existing legislation.