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Front End Loader Safe Work Loads

Front End Loader Safe Work Loads

Front End Loader Safe Work Loads

The 60hp to 75hp loaders  can lift over a 1000kg but the tractor drive lines on all TB series  60hp to 75hp tractors are not designed to handle excessive weight.  This is because tractors were never designed to be loaders which are an add on implement.  When you consider the weight of the loader at 790kg plus the lift load of say 900kg this is the  total extra weight on the drive line and front axles!  Excessive weight compromises safety and  will damage front end axles.  We consider safety first and believe that operators should not be miss lead into overloading.  For this reason we have recommended a maximum  load rate of up to 900kg.

Adding weights to the rear wheels of the tractor  is generally not necessary and  increases fuel consumption  and wear and tear for every  job.  The TB series tractors are already over loaded by the weight of the loaders so unless you have specific needs for extra  rear weight we do not recommend it  but it is not a big cost to add weights if and when required.

Examples of wheel ballasts being added

If you would like to know more about the 60-75hp tractors and their front-end loaders, please come in to view our range of tractors, see our operation and the level of service that goes into preparing an AgKing tractor before it leaves and then go have a look at the others.  You will see that there is a great difference between us.

When purchasing from AgKing, you are purchasing from a long standing company and team that solely specializes in tractors and their implements, this plays a huge role in ensuring our customers receive the best service.

We would love the opportunity to show you through our tractor range. Hope to see you soon!

The AgKing Team


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