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70hp Tractor AK704RPD

70hp Tractor AK704RPD

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with Front-end Loader 4 in 1 Bucket, Slasher and Combination Pallet Forks & Grass Spears

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70hp Tractor AK704RPD PACKAGE DEAL

70hp Tractor AK704R

Tractor Package Deal with Front-End Loader and 4 In 1 Bucket – Slasher – Pallet Forks & Grass Spears

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TZ08 front end loader 5ft slasher LZ7 Backhoe Mini hay baler
Tractor Packages Tractor packages are special packages offered by tractor manufacturers that bundle together a tractor and various implements and/or attachments. These packages are designed to be a convenient way for buyers to purchase the equipment they need for their tasks. The packages often include a tractor, a loader, a backhoe, and other implements or attachments. In some cases, additional items such as implements or attachments may be purchased separately. These packages are usually offered at a discounted price compared to buying the items individually. Some manufacturers also offer financing options with these packages.
Some Tractor Implements that can be included in packages and their uses are:
Common attachments include: Frontend loader This is used for scooping, carrying and dumping material. Backhoe This is used for digging, trenching and other excavation work. Rotary tiller This is used for tilling soil, preparing it for planting and other landscaping work. Snow blade This is used for clearing snow and ice. Landscape rake This is used for leveling, smoothing and grading soil. Post hole digger This is used for drilling holes in the ground for fence posts, tree planting and other uses. Bale spear This is used for lifting, carrying and stacking hay bales. Box blade This is used for grading, leveling and smoothing soil. Grader blade This is used for grading, leveling and removing debris from soil or roads. Log splitter This is used for splitting logs into manageable lengths for burning. Manure spreader This is used for spreading manure on fields and gardens.