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Tractor Log Grab TZ6LG

The AgKing TZ6LG log grabber is suitable for use with Euro Hitch Tractor Loaders and are suitable for most wood handling applications.

Another useful product AgKing stock is the Mini Baler. Check out the link to an article on the benefits of the mini baler on a farm.


Available Options


Tractor Log Grab TZ6LG

Silage Hands

The Tractor Log Grab TZ6LG or Silage Hands  is suited to 40hp – 60hp Tractors
  • The AgKing Log Grab  or Silage Hands are suitable for use with Euro Hitch Tractor Loaders and are suitable for most wood handling applications.


For use with these tractors and others – (click on item for details)
30hp tractor AK304 40hp tractor AK404 40hp tractor DQ404


How To Store Hay To Make It Last

AgKing’s Genuine 12 months Warranty covers parts that are faulty, other than caused by normal wear and tear. Items deemed faulty must be returned to AgKing or a suitable contractor designated by AgKing for the purpose. As AgKing supplies to the smaller acreage and hobby farmers, the warranty does not apply to industrial, commercial, or contractor usage of the equipment. Specific details of the warranty are provided with each tractor and implement.
Tractor Log Grab Applications:
Tractor log grabs are used for many applications, such as lifting and moving logs, clearing debris, and loading firewood. They are also used in forestry, landscaping, and construction for tasks such as tree pruning, felling, and logging. Log grabs are also ideal for loading and unloading logs from trucks and trailers, and can be used with excavators and skid steers. They are a versatile piece of equipment that can be used in a variety of applications.
A Front End Loader Tractor Log Grab is a tractor attachment used to transport logs. It is attached to the front of a tractor, usually by a hydraulic arm, and is used to lift, carry and move logs from one place to another. The log grab is operated by the driver of the tractor, who uses the tractors controls to position the grab and lift the logs. The log grab is typically used in forestry and logging operations, as well as in other industries such as construction and landscaping.