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38HP Hydrostatic 4WD Tractor with ROPS – TYM T413

The TYM T413 is for the operator that wants more! A premium tractor that will not only get the job done but will provide a pleasurable driving experience. Add a front-end  loader and backhoe and make this tractor even more versatile.

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T413 HST Tractor

TYM T413 – 38HP Hydrostatic 4WD Tractor with ROPS

The TYM T413 caters to discerning operators seeking excellence. This premium tractor not only excels in task execution but also delivers an enjoyable driving experience. By incorporating a front-end loader and a backhoe, you can enhance the versatility of this exceptional tractor, elevating its performance to new heights.



  • Propelled by a robust 38.4hp Yanmar naturally aspirated 3-cylinder water-cooled Diesel engine, the Yanmar Diesel brand boasts a global reputation for manufacturing high-quality engines, instilling unwavering confidence in reliability and exceptional after-sales support.

    This engine proudly carries certifications for compliance with the rigorous Tier III engine and noise emission standards, underscoring its eco-friendly and noise-conscious performance. Boasting a displacement of 1642cc, it generates substantial torque, making it a formidable companion for demanding tasks.

    Designed to withstand Australia’s dusty conditions, the tractor features a dual dry element air cleaner, ensuring the engine’s longevity and consistent performance. With a generous 34-liter fuel tank capacity conveniently located at the rear side, extended working hours between refueling become a seamless reality, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


  • The tractor’s weight, at 1390kg in the ROPS version, is indicative of its robust transmission, driveline, and axles, and a substantial front axle which is especially vital for loaders dealing with heavy loads.
  • Its hydrostatic drive transmission is easily controlled via two adjacent pedals, enabling smooth forward and reverse maneuvers.
  • A newly introduced Auto Throttle feature synchronizes the HST pedals with the engine throttle, streamlining operations, enhancing productivity, and reducing fuel consumption.
  • It offers three distinct ranges, conveniently placed with the range lever located to the right of the operator.
  • With a maximum speed of 0-27km/h, it ensures efficient performance across varying conditions.
  • The heavy-duty front axle excels in challenging work settings and effortlessly manages heavy loads.
  • A lengthy wheelbase and wide stance bolster stability under diverse conditions.
  • The rear axle comes equipped with a diff-lock, crucial for tackling challenging traction scenarios.
  • Engaging the 4WD and diff-lock system enhances traction, control, and overall performance.
  • Activation of the 4WD mode is controlled by a lever situated on the operator’s left-hand side.
  • Inboard wet disc brakes can be independently split, providing individual left and right side braking, facilitating precise turns in confined spaces.


  • Control mechanisms for the linkage and hydraulic remotes are conveniently located on the right-hand side.
  • The tractor boasts a 3-point linkage system with position control for precision operation.
  • Hydraulic remotes offer optimal functionality for a diverse array of implements, including log splitters and post hole augers.
  • Equipped with one set of double-acting hydraulic remotes.
  • The Category 1 3-point linkage boasts an impressive 1200kg lifting capacity, expanding the tractor’s versatility and application range.
  • Lower link arms are adjustable for adaptable operation.
  • The PTO driveline is designed for maximum efficiency and power, featuring a simple and direct configuration.
  • The PTO clutch utilizes an independent oil-immersed clutch pack, ensuring durability and effortless push-button engagement.
  • An Auto-PTO function is integrated, automatically disengaging the PTO when the linkage is raised and re-engaging it upon lowering. This feature simplifies repetitive row work and safeguards against implement damage.


  • Ergonomically designed with conveniently located controls for operator ease.
  • Features an easily readable instrument panel for clear monitoring.
  • Equipped with a tiltable steering wheel, allowing customization for operator comfort.
  • The combination switch efficiently manages lights and indicators.
  • A digital hour meter display keeps track of usage hours.
  • Includes a PTO On/Off switch for seamless control.
  • Incorporates cruise control for consistent speed management.
  • A fully integrated joystick provides precise control of the front-end loader, featuring an electric button for third function operation (when fitted).
  • The wide space between the rear mudguard and dash panel facilitates effortless entry and exit from the tractor.
  • Boasts an uncluttered flat floor devoid of trip hazards, offering the largest surface area in its class.
  • Features a noise-reducing rubber floor mat, which is easy to maintain.
  • The adjustable suspension seat ensures operator comfort during extended periods of use.
  • Easy accessibility to all maintenance areas is facilitated by the pop-up one-piece bonnet design.


T413 HST
Engine Type Yanmar
Number of Cylinders 3
Engine Power (hp/kW) 38.4/28.6
Engine Torque (Nm) 142.7
Transmission Type Hydrostatic
Number of Transmission Ranges 3
Side-by-side Forward / Reverse Transmission Pedals Tick
Cruise Control Tick
Maximum Speed (km/h) 27
PTO Speed (rpm) 540
Independent Push Button PTO engagement Tick
3-point Linkage Lift Capacity (kg) 1200
Number of Hydraulic Remotes 1 set
Integrated Joystick Control for Front-end Loader Tick
Weight – Tractor Only (kg) 1390