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Flail Mower 2000 side-shift

The Flail Mower 2000 with side shift is suitable for tractors of 55hp upwards.

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AgKing’s Genuine 12 months Warranty covers parts that are faulty, other than caused by normal wear and tear. Items deemed faulty must be returned to AgKing or a suitable contractor designated by AgKing for the purpose. As AgKing supplies to the smaller acreage and hobby farmers, the warranty does not apply to industrial, commercial, or contractor usage of the equipment. Specific details of the warranty are provided with each tractor and implement.
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Flail Mower 2000 side shift

Flail Mower 2000 side shift has a hydraulic side shift and is fited fitted with 1200g hammer blades. It has a balanced rotary 2000mm mill shaft with 32 hammer head blades and 3 belt drives with easy to service grease-able bearings. This well designed flail mower provides a smooth and efficient mulch cut and the rear self clean roller leaves a flat finish.

Advantages of Flail mowers

Flail mowers take up less storage space – half the space of a square slasher
More compact and maneuverable in less space.
Flail – mulched material is forced downwards and discharged evenly from rear – no discharge rows
Rear self cleaning roller helps compact and level surface
Less noise and less vibration
Benefits of mulched material is better for growth.



For use with these tractors – (click on item for details)
55hp tractor DQ554 70hp tractor AK704 80hp tractor DQ804




General Specifications
Cutting width 2m
Cutting blade type and weight Flail hammer 1200g
Main drive roller mill shaft 8 inch diameter with quality grease able bearings
Rear roller Stabilizes movement and compacts materail
Balanced spiral rotary drive shaft Maximizes rotational velocity and minimise vibration
Hydraulic side shift Up to 50 cm side shift for close cut to fences lines and buildings
70hp heavy duty gear box For tractors up to 70hp
Standard 3 point mount cat 1 Standard fitting for tractors up to 80hp
Rear discharge deflector panels Controls discharge and improves saftey


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