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PTO Wood Chipper 9″

Wood chipper 9 inch PTO drive 3 point tractor mount. Offers easy feed via 45degree angle hopper and easy to access main fly wheel and blades for replacement. ( Hydraulic feed and brake system is optional extra )


For use with these tractors – (click on item for details)
55hp tractor DQ554 70hp tractor AK704 80hp tractor DQ804
AgKing’s Genuine 12 months Warranty covers parts that are faulty, other than caused by normal wear and tear. Items deemed faulty must be returned to AgKing or a suitable contractor designated by AgKing for the purpose. As AgKing supplies to the smaller acreage and hobby farmers, the warranty does not apply to industrial, commercial, or contractor usage of the equipment. Specific details of the warranty are provided with each tractor and implement.
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PTO Wood Chipper 9″

PTO Wood Chipper 9″ from Agking is a simple, low maintenance machine designed to be easy to access and service. The rotor bearings and parts are machined to precision CNC standards.

The momentum of the precision balanced rotary wheel is designed to help reduce tractor PTO horse power thereby reducing fuel consumption.

It has specially designed paddles fitted to the rotor creating a vacuum effect, as a result it helps to clear small chips and lighter materials. Access to the chipper rotor housing for service is easy and only requires removing one or two bolts.


  • PTO driven with slip clutch
  • Balanced heavy duty 80kg rotor wheel
  • 6 x 150mm reversible blades
  • Hydraulic feed control
  • Safety brake
AKS series          
1.Low maintenance machine designed to be easy to access and service          
2.Discharge hood can rotate 360 degrees,adjustable cute          
3.Hydraulic feeding system rollers          
4.Low shock and noise          
Max. dia. of feeding 100mm(4”) 100mm(4”) 150mm(6”) 150mm(6”) 230mm(9”)
Power Tractor (35~60hp) Tractor (35~60hp) Tractor (60~80hp) Tractor (60~80hp) Tractor (75~100hp)
Flywheel diameter 630mm 630mm 740mm 740mm 940mm
Flywheel weight  50kg  50kg  94kg  94kg  171kg 
No.of blade 4 4 4 4 4
Dimension of feed hopper  500×500mm  500×500mm  580×580mm  580×580mm  620×620mm 
Feeding  system Self Feeding  Hydraulic Feeding, Adjustable Speed stop-reverse-forward function Self feeding Hydraulic Feeding, Adjustable Speed stop-reverse-forward function
Sawdust measurement thickness ≤6mm
Feeding outlet rotation angle  360°
Dimension (L×W×H) 1470×1260×1650mm  1750×1450×2020mm  2100×1680×2100mm  2100×1680×2100mm  2280×1980×2520mm 
Weight  250kg 340kg 360kg 510kg 720kg
Packing size (L×W×H) 1140×910×1260mm  1130×810×1800mm  1220×910×2100mm  1220×910×2100mm  1300×1150×215-mm 


For use with these tractors and others – (click on item for details)
40hp tractor DQ404 55hp tractor DQ554 70hp tractor AK704 80hp tractor DQ804


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