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Tractor Pallet Forks TZ6

The TZ600 pallet forks are ideal for tractors up to 70hp.

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AgKing’s Genuine 12 Warranty covers parts that are faulty, other than caused by normal wear and tear. Items deemed faulty must be returned to AgKing or a suitable contractor designated by AgKing for the purpose. As AgKing supplies to the smaller acreage and hobby farmers, the warranty does not apply to industrial, commercial, or contractor usage of the equipment. Specific details of the warranty are provided with each tractor and implement.
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Tractor Pallet Forks TZ6


  • Euro hitch fitting

Pallet Forks: Designed for the toughest jobs, these pallet forks feature a rugged frame and thick steel construction for maximum strength and durability. Ideal for lifting and transporting heavy pallets, these powerful forks boast an extralong reach and a wide, stable base to provide superior stability and maneuverability. Ideal for a variety of agricultural, construction and industrial applications

Model TZ600
Safe working load 800 Kg
Weight 140 Kg

Pallet Forks model TZ6 to suit heavy duty TB Series tractors 40hp to 70hp with Euro quick release.
SWL 800kg

Tractor pallet forks are versatile attachments that significantly expand the functionality of a tractor, enabling it to perform a variety of tasks across different industries. Here are some common applications of tractor pallet forks:

Agricultural Applications

  1. Hay Handling: Pallet forks can easily move and stack large bales of hay, making feeding livestock and storing hay much more efficient.
  2. Transporting Seed Bags: They are ideal for moving heavy bags of seed and fertilizer around the farm.
  3. Handling Equipment: Pallet forks can transport various farm equipment and attachments that may not have their own wheels or easy means of mobility.

Construction Applications

  1. Material Handling: Pallet forks can lift and transport pallets of bricks, cement, lumber, and other construction materials.
  2. Site Cleanup: They can be used to collect and remove debris, scrap materials, and waste from construction sites.
  3. Transporting Tools and Equipment: Forks are useful for moving heavy tools and equipment across the job site.

Landscaping Applications

  1. Moving Plants and Trees: Pallet forks can transport potted plants, trees, and other landscaping materials.
  2. Transporting Sod: They can move large rolls of sod quickly and efficiently.
  3. Rock and Mulch Handling: Pallet forks can be used to transport bags of rocks, mulch, and other landscaping materials.

Industrial Applications

  1. Warehouse Operations: Pallet forks enable tractors to function similarly to forklifts, moving pallets of goods and materials within warehouses.
  2. Loading and Unloading Trucks: They are useful for loading and unloading materials from delivery trucks.
  3. Equipment Transport: Forks can move heavy machinery and industrial equipment around the facility.

Forestry Applications

  1. Log Handling: Pallet forks can transport logs and other cut timber efficiently.
  2. Brush Clearing: They can be used to move large piles of brush, branches, and other debris.
  3. Material Transport: Forks can handle bags of soil, mulch, and other forestry materials.

Miscellaneous Applications

  1. Snow Removal: Pallet forks can be adapted to move snow by attaching a blade or using the forks themselves to clear paths.
  2. Event Setup: They can transport heavy equipment and materials needed for setting up events, such as stages, seating, and tents.
  3. General Utility: Pallet forks can be used for a variety of lifting and moving tasks that require handling heavy or bulky items.

Key Benefits of Using Tractor Pallet Forks

  • Versatility: They can handle a wide range of tasks across multiple industries.
  • Efficiency: Pallet forks streamline operations by reducing the time and effort needed to move heavy materials.
  • Safety: Proper use of pallet forks reduces the risk of injury associated with manual lifting and handling of heavy items.
  • Cost-Effective: By expanding the capabilities of a tractor, pallet forks can reduce the need for additional specialized equipment.

In summary, tractor pallet forks are essential attachments that provide flexibility, efficiency, and safety for various lifting and moving tasks across agriculture, construction, landscaping, industrial, forestry, and other applications

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