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Tractor Slasher 5ft


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Tractor Slasher 5ft

5ft Slasher from Agking is suitable for use with 40 – 60 hp tractors.


Tractor Slasher 5ft

  • Re-enforced plating under surface of slasher, adding strength and making top surface easy to clean
  • Safety chains front and rear
  • Reversible skids giving longer life



3 point linkage Cat 1
Height control 3 settings
PTO 540 rpm with slip clutch
Rear wheel support Solid 15 inch adjustable
Length 1900 mm
Width 1650 mm
Cutting width 1500 mm
Approximate weight 315 kg


For use with these tractors – (click on item for details)

40hp tractor AK404 40hp tractor DQ404 55hp tractor DQ554 55hp tractor AKLZ554

A 5-foot tractor slasher refers to a rotary slasher or cutter attachment designed to be mounted on a tractor and equipped with blades that have a cutting width of approximately 5 feet. This size of slasher is suitable for smaller tractors and is commonly used for maintaining smaller fields, pastures, orchards, vineyards, and other areas with relatively narrow passages or restricted access.

Here are some key features and considerations regarding a 5-foot tractor slasher:

  1. Cutting Width: The cutting width of the slasher, in this case, is around 5 feet (or approximately 1.5 meters). This width determines the area covered by each pass, making it suitable for smaller-scale applications.
  2. Tractor Compatibility: A 5-foot slasher is typically designed to be compatible with smaller tractors, usually those with lower horsepower ratings. Tractor compatibility is crucial to ensure proper operation and optimal performance.
  3. Blade Configuration: The slasher is equipped with rotary blades mounted on a spindle driven by the tractor’s power take-off (PTO). The number and configuration of blades may vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but they are designed to efficiently cut through vegetation.
  4. Adjustability: Some 5-foot slashers may feature adjustable cutting heights, allowing operators to customize the cutting height according to the specific requirements of the terrain and vegetation being cleared.
  5. Durability and Construction: The slasher should be built with sturdy materials and construction to withstand the rigors of cutting dense vegetation and debris. Quality components and construction contribute to the durability and longevity of the equipment.
  6. Safety Features: Safety features such as blade guards, debris deflectors, and shielding are essential to protect the operator and bystanders from flying debris and hazards during operation.
  7. Maintenance: Proper maintenance, including routine inspection, lubrication, and blade sharpening or replacement, is necessary to ensure the continued performance and longevity of the slasher.

Overall, a 5-foot tractor slasher is a versatile attachment suitable for a range of vegetation management tasks on smaller properties or in areas with limited access. It offers efficient cutting performance while being compatible with smaller tractors, making it a practical choice for various agricultural, landscaping, and land management applications.


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