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Tractor Slasher 6ft

Brochure-6ft Slasher

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Tractor Slasher 6ft

Tractor Slasher 6ft from AgKing is suitable for use with 55hp upwards tractors.


  • Re-enforced plating under surface of slasher, adding strength and making top surface easy to clean
  • Safety chains front and rear
  • Reversible skids giving longer life


For use with these tractors – (click on item for details)
55hp tractor DQ554 70hp tractor AK704 80hp tractor DQ804


3 point linkage Cat 1
Height control 3 settings
PTO 540 rpm with slip clutch
Rear wheel support Solid 15 inch adjustable
Length 2100 mm
Width 1950 mm
Cutting width 1800 mm
Approximate weight 380 kg

A tractor slasher, also known as a rotary slasher or a rotary cutter, is a type of implement used for cutting and clearing vegetation such as grass, weeds, bushes, and small trees. It consists of a rotating horizontal blade or blades mounted on a spindle, which is powered by the tractor’s power take-off (PTO). Tractor slashers are commonly used in agricultural, landscaping, and land management applications for tasks such as:

  1. Pasture and Field Maintenance: Tractor slashers are used to maintain pastures and fields by cutting down overgrown vegetation, keeping grass at a desirable height for grazing animals, and promoting healthy regrowth.
  2. Roadside Maintenance: Slashers are employed for clearing vegetation along roadsides, highways, and rights-of-way to ensure visibility for motorists, maintain road safety, and prevent overgrowth from encroaching onto road surfaces.
  3. Orchard and Vineyard Management: In orchards and vineyards, tractor slashers are used to control weeds and grass between rows of trees or vines, reducing competition for nutrients and water and minimizing the risk of fire hazards.
  4. Brush Clearing: Tractor slashers are effective for clearing brush and small trees from areas such as fence lines, trails, and firebreaks, making them more accessible and reducing the risk of wildfires.
  5. Land Reclamation: In areas with overgrown or abandoned land, tractor slashers can be used to clear vegetation and prepare the land for reclamation or redevelopment projects.
  6. Wildlife Habitat Management: Tractor slashers are utilized in wildlife habitat management programs to create or maintain open areas, clear paths, and promote habitat diversity for various wildlife species.
  7. Grazing Land Improvement: Slashers can be used to remove undesirable vegetation species and promote the growth of preferred forage species, improving the quality and productivity of grazing land.
  8. Park and Recreational Area Maintenance: Tractor slashers are employed in parks, recreational areas, and golf courses for mowing and clearing vegetation to create manicured landscapes and safe recreational spaces.

Tractor slashers come in various sizes and configurations to suit different tractor models and applications. They can be equipped with single or multiple blades, and some models may feature adjustable cutting heights and safety features such as blade guards and debris deflectors. Proper operation and maintenance of tractor slashers are essential to ensure safe and effective vegetation management.


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