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60hp Tractor AK604TD Air Conditioned Cabin

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AgKing provides a genuine warranty for the Tractors and Implements we sell. We hold parts in Australia.
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60hp Tractor AK604TD Air Conditioned Cabin

AgKing’s 60hp Tractors.

AgKing’s 60hp Tractor AK604TD Air Conditioned Cabin are the latest release of quality engineered tractors specifically designed for Australia. We have combined power and reliability with all the features needed to get serious work done at a fraction of the cost. If you need manoeuvrability to negotiate tight places and the weight and traction to push, pull, lift and load then this 60hp Tractor is one to consider.
AgKing’s 60hp Tractors AK604TD , In addition to all the above features, it has a powerful 4 cylinder diesel engine. It has a 12 speed gear box ,shuttle shift, 4 wheel drive, diff lock and two speed PTO with a hand controlled clutch.
AgKing’s 60hp Tractors AK604TD come standard with two sets of remote hydraulic outlets. It has a massive 1.2 tonne rear ram lift but also includes draft control. It is high set with a comfortable seat and flat floor and so it is ideal for ground clearance and nice to drive.
Every detail has been considered so it is easy to service all parts of AgKing’s 60hp Tractors.
The multipurpose 4 x 1 front end loader is versatile and designed with euro hitch specifications. There are many optional front end loader attachments to fit. The 60hp Tractors AK604 is unbeatable in its class when considering power, functionality, reliability, serviceability and cost.
Exclusively imported by AgKing the 60hp Tractors AK604 are available only through an AgKing distributor.
Applicable Implements and Accessories – (click on item for details)
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AgKing provides a genuine warranty for the Tractors and Implements we sell. We hold parts in Australia


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