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70hp Tractor AK704 Cabin

Unlock unparalleled power and versatility with the AgKing 70hp Tractor AK704 Cabin, meticulously designed to tackle the most demanding tasks with ease. This formidable machine seamlessly combines robust traction and substantial weight to effortlessly handle heavy-duty pushing and pulling, while its exceptional maneuverability ensures precision navigation in even the most confined spaces.

As standard, the AK704 Cabin is equipped with top-tier agricultural tires. However, for tailored performance to suit specific applications, you have the option to interchange these tires with industrial or turf variants.

Choose excellence in agricultural machinery and equip yourself with the AgKing 70hp Tractor AK704 Cabin, where power, precision, and adaptability converge to redefine productivity.

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AgKing’s Authentic 36-Month Warranty offers comprehensive coverage for components exhibiting defects, excluding those resulting from routine wear and tear. In the event of any identified faults, it is imperative to return the affected items either directly to AgKing or to an authorized contractor designated by AgKing for this specific purpose.

Please note that our warranty is tailored to cater exclusively to the needs of smaller acreage and hobby farmers. Consequently, it does not extend to encompass industrial, commercial, or contractor usage of the equipment. Precise particulars concerning the warranty terms and conditions are thoughtfully provided with each tractor and implement, ensuring transparency and clarity for our valued customers.


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AgKing provides a genuine warranty for the Tractors and Implements we sell. We hold parts in Australia.
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70hp Tractor AK704 Cabin

The 70hp Tractor AK704 Cabin stands is meticulously crafted to excel in heavy-duty operations within the confines of smaller acreage agricultural enterprises. Its remarkable features extend far beyond the mere provision of power. With an ergonomically designed, fully air-conditioned cabin and integrated radio system, this tractor has been thoughtfully engineered to prioritize not only efficiency but also the operator’s comfort and entertainment, regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Unrivaled Comfort: Our commitment to the comfort of the operator is exemplified by the spacious and climate-controlled cabin. The air conditioning system ensures a pleasant working environment even during scorching summer days, while during the chill of winter, it serves as a cozy retreat. The well-padded and ergonomically designed seating provides optimal support during extended work sessions, minimizing operator fatigue.

Entertainment at Your Fingertips: To elevate the operator’s experience, we have integrated a high-quality radio system into the cabin. Whether you’re tilling fields, plowing, or hauling, you can now enjoy your favorite music or stay updated with the latest news, transforming mundane tasks into an enjoyable experience.

Weather-Proof Performance: Unpredictable weather conditions are no longer a concern. The AK704 Cabin’s robust construction ensures it can withstand the harshest elements, allowing you to maintain productivity throughout the year without compromising on your well-being.

In summary, the 70hp Tractor AK704 Cabin is not merely a workhorse; it is a testament to the fusion of performance and operator-centric design. Experience the ultimate in agricultural machinery that not only gets the job done but also ensures your comfort and enjoyment, making every workday a more satisfying and productive one.

Included as standard, the AK704 Cabin features a robust 4-in-1 TZ8 front-end loader, primed to tackle a wide array of tasks across your land. With a potent 70hp engine and heavy-duty axles, this tractor ensures both secure transport capabilities and the ability to effortlessly power substantial agricultural implements for larger-scale operations.

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  • 70HP four cyl diesel engine
  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • 12 speed forward and reverse gears
  • soft shuttle shift
  • diff lock
  • oil disc brakes
  • two sets of remote hydraulics
  • two speed hand control PTO
  • twin filter air intake
  • forward and reverse work lights
  • draw bar
  • air conditioned cabin
Applicable Implements and Accessories – (click on item for details)
TZ08 front end loader 5ft slasher LZ7 Backhoe Mini hay baler
Wide Industrial Tyres Standard Industrial Tyres Turf Tyres
Model AK704 Cabin
Rated Power 70hp
Hydraulics 2 Sets of rear remotes
Fuel Type Diesel
Category of 3-Point Linkage Category 2 3PL
Brand Quanchai
Model QC4108T70
Engine Type 4 Cylinder
Max Torque (Nm @ engine RPM) 265 ~ 275/Less than 1700
Air intake type Naturally aspirated
Displacement 4/4.324
Air filter type/size Oil bath 7.8 inch 255m3/h
Torque reserve 20%
Fuel consumption 248g/kwh
Length (incl FEL & 3PL) 5070mm
Width 1828mm
Height 2720mm
Tread Front Wheel 1350mm
Tread Rear Wheel 1450mm
Front Wheel Size 8.3-24
Rear Wheel Size 14.9-30
Wheel Base 2071mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 370mm
Clutch One-piece, dry, double-action/11 inches
PTO (Power Take – Off Speed) 540/100RPM
Gears 12F 12R ( 4 low x 4 medium x 4 high )
Shuttle Shift Single Lever Forward to Reverse
4WD Selectable 4WD assist
Brake Type Mechanical drum, rear wheel only
Warranty 3 years

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